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Evolving Judaism: The Book


Evolving Judaism: A Spiritual Path to Awakening and Global Transformation exposes the powerful path of awakening within the ancient Jewish wisdom stream. Taking an in depth look at how the traditional Way (Halacha in Hebrew) to D'vekut (Union with The Divine) is evolving to become more relevant for the modern day person who identifies as a "Jew" seeking self-knowledge, awakening, and global sustainability.



Evolving Judaism introduces the radical concept that: All religions are denominations of  The Great Human Tradition, a beautifully diverse translineage alliance which honors and respects the unique gifts each denomination has to offer the whole.  This revolutionary idea calls for collaboration on the part of our modern day religions encouraging them to work together to manifest our common goals of peace, harmony, health, sustainability, 

awakening and G-d Consciousness for all.  Instead of religions competing and warring with each other Evolving Judaism offers a vision of mutual respect and appreciation, collaborative service, and co-empowering of each other to flourish on this magical journey toward global awakening.



The book invites its readers and practitioners to become the midwives of this powerful paradigm shift in religion.  Introducing them to the conversation and providing the tools for the inner and outer development neccesary for personal and global transformation.



Evolving Judaism explores a variety of inspiring topics, such as:


* Kabbalistic visions of the future.

* Jewish spiritual activism

* Eco-kashrut

* States and stages of consciousness

* The process of prophecy

* Jewish shadow work

* Non-dual Judaism

* Jewish agriculture for global sustainability

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Evolving Judaism: A Spiritual Path to Awakening and Global Transformation


By Gavriel Strauss



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