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Evolving Judaism Mission Statement:

Evolving Judaism is a movement dedicated to midwifing the next paradigm of religion on Earth. It's mission is to help manifest the philosophy that all religions are denominations of The Great Human Tradition.  Each religion being an organ of the universal human psyche and vital to its development, survival and future thrival. The rEvolutionary shift to where all the world's major religions, i.e. religious leaders, practitioners and institutions begin working together in order to heal the planet's different broken systems (environmental, social, political, economic, food, education etc.) is an essential goal of Evolving Judaism.  Together each religion contributes its unique strengths and gifts to the evolving process of human and planetary transformation. There is one G-d; there is one Earth and it's each religions responsibility to serve them together in sacred unity.


Evolving Judaism reveals the ancient spiritual and mystical path of the Hebraic people and invites them to embrace their emergent role in this new paradigm through embodying a kosmo-centric version of the Jewish Path and Practice.  Evolving Judaism will lead as an example in how to transcend and include one's "Home Faith" while joining together with the other denominations of The Great Human Tradition to cooperatively heal the current broken systems of our planet. Religions are one of the most powerful forces on the planet and by working together we can truly bring about lasting change.  Together we can bring about a Sustainable G-d Conscious Humanity.




Gavriel Strauss is the founder of Evolving Judaism and currently lives is in Berkeley California.  Gavriel is an innovator in the world of Jewish religion and practice.  He is deeply committed to the evolution of mainstream religion while focusing on the Jewish Spirit Path. Together with the foundations of an orthodox Jewish upbringing and education, his knowledge of Kabbalah, and other esoteric wisdom paths, Gavriel presents a Jewish model for human development.  Gavriel left his home in Tsfat, Israel in 2011 where he was studying Kabbalah, teaching yoga, and helping run an environmental NGO, and has returned to the US to share his universal view of the Jewish tradition and practice as taught through Kabbalah.  Gavriel works as a preschool teacher, freelance educator and SoulCoach, and is being trained as a Spiritual Director with Aleph:Alliance for Jewish Renewal












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